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What happens after the phone interview for Genesee and Wyoming?

I have mine on Wednesday for a Conductor position. 

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    One bit of advice, at or near the end of the call simply state you are excited about the prospects of the job, thank the person for taking time to interview with you, and say what are the next steps. They should spell it out for your clearly. 

    If you got the guys email address follow up in a day or two with a second thank you email and reiterate key points of your experience that may not have been emphasized enough that would be a benefit to the company -(look online for follow-up interview correspondence) and reiterate that you are looking forward to applying your experience/talent to the G&W. If it comes down to a close call between a couple of candidates the extra enthusiasm and time to write an email is often a differentiator in who gets to move to the next level. 

    If you only have mailing address - send snail mail. 

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    You WAIT.

    They will interview others . When that is done they will decide who if any moves on to next step.

    You will not be starting work Thursday.

    Expect a call back and maybe a second interview  for those going on.

    A month or two of training before you are riding trains.

    Good Luck. The job can get really boring. The work hours are crap but the pay is not bad. Some remain for years and others never quite get used to the hours and quit.

    @CB Gives very good advice for ANY that have this interview method. It is much more common now because of COVID issues.

    You in your application showed you have something that they NEED or WANT.

    You should know what that is.

    They already think you have it. You were picked from a bunch of others not quite as good as you.

    The phone call and your followup is to show it is real or your Resume is a bunch of BS.

    Have whatever you sent them available to look at. They are looking at it while they interview you.

    Good Luck It is a job you either really like or just hate not a horrible job but hard on the home life because of your irregular shifts.

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