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My buddies and I are worried about our friend and his new relationship, do our concerns seem valid?

He was talking to this woman at the beginning of the new year. She just got out of a relationship with her ex in December. Our friend is a hopeless romantic and this is a pretty lady, we're all in our early 20s and him and his girlfriend are 23. She went right from the relationship with her ex to the relationship with our buddy with about 1 month in between. Her ex was the one who lost interest in her and she was heartbroken and was actually talking to our buddy (her current bf) for emotional support.

The troublesome thing is that she is almost flaunting the relationship with him to make her ex jealous. She had my buddy make a pinterest and dedicate a board to her, she posts all the photos of him taking her away for the weekend, the gifts he gave her for valentines day. She said he was the love of her life after dating for 4 months! She doesn't have a job, she's an unpaid intern and he pays for everything because she's a student. She still posts on her pinterest that she's heartbroken, missing someone, trying to pick up the pieces of her life after her breakup, while she's dating my buddy. 

Just to add to the craziness she's now pregnant with our buddies baby after 8 months of dating, she lives with her parents, has no savings and graduates in June. The final suspicious thing is that her ex is obsessed with Harry Potter, he has a harry potter tattoo and this girl made a pinterest board of all harry potter clothes for babies. It seems like she is trying to make him jealous.

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    She is using your buddy...Hope he gets a DNA test on that baby, it may be that its the other guys baby. Tell him to not allow his name on the birth certificate until he does a DNA test from a lab.

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    If he's getting some action then it's best to not interfere.

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