Are sluts really just underappreciated heroes?

I have know this absolutely beautiful woman for years, like difficult to take your eyes off of beautiful, who is gregarious and sweet natured. Once, however, she said in a FB status that she was a slut. Now this surprised me as someone who never uses the word, because there is nothing wrong with a woman being promiscuous so long as she uses protection.

In fact, it makes no sense for a man to look down on a woman who wants to have sex with them. But then I later found out offline that she was bragging and I thought about it. This woman, before she settled down and became monogamous, had sex with over 100 men without catching a disease because she used condoms.

She in fact is a sex addict who really enjoys naked men and the feel of having sex with them, and a large chunk of her prey were awkward and shy nice guys who would never otherwise have a chance with a girl like her. It made them feel desired and wanted, which was good for their self esteem, and plus they enjoyed something they are otherwise too weak to obtain. And there are no games with her. So isn't this almost noble?

 It appears that the people who most have an issue with her are other women who make them feel disempowered. If anything it is men who should be sex shamed and called sluts. They are often pathetic in how obsessive they are in trying to get it, have cheapened male value to how much status and wealth he provides, and they send obnoxious dck pics everywhere and terrorize females. 

2 Answers

  • 1 month ago

    She is more important than any doctor. 

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Nobody is that special for their choices. You’re thinking too deep on this. Interesting perspective though 

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