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is she over-reacting?

In beginning of semester, I asked a girl to join her science project. She accepted and the day before it was due, she asked me to send her the work that I have done over last months so she can compile it.. but she discovered that I did not have much done so she told me that she regret working with me and she was only nice when she accepted to work with me and I could not even repay kindness with being diligent when more than half of project was already done when I started. She also told me to no longer contact her anymore and she wants nothing to do with me. She also said that she only gets in trouble by working with me

Is she being crazy?? Over reacting??

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    I can understand why she’d be mad... it’s the day before the project and even though more than half the project was done when you started, she was counting on you to do the rest cause she’d done practically all the work. She was going to have to finish the rest of the project in such little time and it was stressing her out. She wanted to get a good grade and I guess she was overreacting with not to contact or talk to her anymore, but she was obviously gonna be in a bad mood. 

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    Probably not. Partners on a science project finding out the night before it's due that it's not completed really does suggest that they are lousy partners. You say that you "did not have much done". So you are not a good partner to have because you don't apply yourself. She might have done a lot of work and resents having your name attached to her project. Act like a dead beat, get treated like a dead beat. Rather how it goes. Are you handsome or something to have expected a different outcome? 

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    No, she is right. You are a lazy person, you did not fully contribute to the project, you were hoping to ride on her work. Will you do this all your life?

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    No, it doesn't sound like she's over-reacting. 

    I don't know what exactly you were supposed to do. If the project got a less than spectacular grade, that affected her standing in school. 

    You need to get your story straight. 

    "In beginning of semester, I asked a girl to join her science project." 

    "...more than half of project was already done when I started."

    If both these things are true, you asked to join her project, then sat on your butt and didn't do much for some time.

    She didn't yell or swear or make a scene. She just decided to partner up with more reliable students. I've been in that situation myself - on both sides. If no one is checking up on you or asking about your progress, it's YOUR responsibility to stay on task and manage your time. 

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    Not at all. What did you expect? She trusted you and did you a favor when accepting to do the project with you, and you screwed up. Not even by accident, but being a lazy, self-centered jerk.

    I think the fact that you even have ask if she's over-reacting is very telling about how out of touch you are with what constitutes decent behavior. If you'd behaved like this in a work-place, you'd be lucky not to get fired.

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