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Do you think i have a mental health condition?

I know this site is not my doctor but it’s a site i like people opinions on and i have went to the doctors. Whenever something triggers me i turn into a different person, for example i’d a person is in my life and they leave me i get so upset, i don’t want to drink but i do to numb the pain which results in me being in pain. 

There’s been a time when i liked this guy and at the time he was my favourite person and he was getting up to leave to go home because i was so drunk i cut myself on the wrists and he saw. 

He was so concerned but i just couldn’t help it. Even when i’m sober if i feel someone is going to leave i have cut myself.

The only things that trigger me is when i’m getting abandoned by someone or rejected. If i’m happy in life and have good partnership then i’m completely fine. But i know that if i were in a relationship and we were to argue and they would leave i’d be so upset and want to die. That’s all i want to do. If someone ignores my text i want to die or harm myself. When i’m sober i still do feel it just a bit less but it makes me wanna go and drink to forget about it. 

What is wrong with me? i wanna be with someone so bad but i know that i’m not mentally okay for it. 

i’m not sure if i have trauma from as a kid when my dad left and i’d cry all the time but i particularly feel this way with males. I crave make attention and it makes me look so promiscious. I’ve had sex with so many people impulsivily to forget about things. 

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  • 2 weeks ago

    Your theory holds water. Could be codependency.

  • 4 weeks ago

    Sounds like borderline go to a doctor if you feel like you are going to hurt yourself call ems or go to an emergency room and tell them that you a harm to yourself 

  • 4 weeks ago

    Hi, I'd bet you'd answer yes to almost 100% of these questions.

    Do you change your hair color more frequently than some dirty boys might change boxers (Or your "style/attitude")?

    At your best with trusted people can you get lost in the moment, not care about consequences?

    At your best (or other times) are you comfortable and confident with your sexuality?Can you manipulate other people using sexuality or other things better than most you know?Are you more creative/artsy than math book nerds?Can you pretty quickly tell how someone is feeling?Can you "feel a room" walk into a church, party, classroom, living room.  Can you "feel" it/ sense if the people are happy, mad, angry, dumb?Do(did) other women frequently try to embarrass and isolate you?It is easier for people to push away and push down rather than pull in and hold on.  Does that have meaning or value?.Can you love harder, deeper and faster than anyone you know?While people may not be a passion.  Do others usually come first?- If the rare person knew how to maintain you & keep you happy would you put them first, do 'everything for them'At your best are you more mature than your friends <-- That mattersIs there an internal kind of "icky" pressure inside than can build and build?  You just feel itYou are 18-23?You are female?People say, "You are too sensitive" (or similar) too fu*king often?Can you feel pressure or temperature changes in a room? (Heavy, thick, deep or 'slow moving')Do you feel like you are in a video game/movie (kind of detached from body/robotic) - "spacey" a few times every other month?Is sex a tool for you?  Can you use it to get close to people or get things?Do you have more than a few or many interests/kinks most would consider taboo, weird or WTF!!!???Do you attract a lot of negative people/circumstance?  Think you probably did early on in life/always <--?Being unable to read or know what others are thinking (Being left on read)

    Do you not find satisfaction in ****?  Trying many things now it is just OMFG draining?WORTHLESS, STUPID, DUMB or even obscene words often what echoes inside?  Especially when frustrated, ignored or sad?Are you a 12 yr old Asian boy with Bipolar Disorder who Trolls Yahoo answers?Can you judge others well/quickly when they are not personally/emotionally connected ?  She is a *****; she is just wants attention; He is genuine; He player?Intensity / pain should provide comfort give some kind of release.  You 'require' it; remind you are alive; self punish?  Orgasm/sex the same.  Usually not punish.

    Are you comfortable being naked?Are you more open to spirituality/wiccan type religion than Jesus/Allah?No ****, real question:  Do people just not fu*king understand too often?  Can you feel/see that?Is your depression deep/hallow/lonely are those ok words?  Are you more often in this "blah"/icky or bad state?Are you bitchy/stubborn?Are your emotions louder, felt deeper and harder than mostly everyone we know?Do you have a pretty unique/personal style?Do you snap/trigger quickly?I mean you really did not tell us enough. You sound like a Troll.  Really did not provide enough information. You are a gifted empath with a few other concerns.  Gifts are often paired, without knowing you could never say/guess.  Usually you attract negative energy/toxic people at an early age, which can lead to bad situations.  Typically our mind represses things:  You should really do some digging.  Answer those questions for yourself.

    I know most people won't accept this answer, that's fine.  You didn't choose it.  You probably notice it gets worse now every few years.  There would be a lot of great and amazing things about you - even if you do not see them. "Behind every pain is beauty"

  • 4 weeks ago

    These are obvious signs of mental illness. I am not a doctor, but these are not reactions that someone who is healthy would have. This could be a result of, like you said, childhood trauma but it might be more than that. 

    For your own safety and well being I would talk to your general doctor or go directly to a physiatrists office. They would be able to help you through long term therapy, building healthy coping mechanisms and deal with the trauma you have.

    My opinion is that you might have some sort of personality disorder, or you are suffering from something called rejection sensitive dysphoria. This is a common symptom in many mental health disorders.

    There are some stigmas in the mental health world concerning personality disorders, but I would suggest doing some research into Borderline Personality Disorder or Bipolar Disorder. By looking up symptoms you might be able to pinpoint what it might be, then bring that to your doctor along with your testimonial regarding how you react to situations. 

    It may seem scary or intimidating, but it is the first step do becoming mentally stable, and with time you might be able to have meaningful relationships with people without the fear. 


    I hope this helps, and I wish you the best.

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  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

    I’m sure a psychiatrist could come up with some diagnoses so they could give you some drugs or something. Like borderline personality disorder or something like that. Basically you have a abandonment/separation issues. Maybe we should just leave it at that. I do also and a lot of people I know also to have that. But all these psychiatric labels don’t really help anybody they just make you more afraid and you think there’s something ‘defective’ about you. And then he will just have problems related to the lack of self-confidence and feeling you’re  ‘defective’. And that can push you farther down into a bad spiral.And then they will Try to convince you you that you need psych drugs which destroy your life but you think it’s OK because they’re telling you you need them. I’ve been through all that too. The drugs destroyed my entire life. Which is why I stopped taking them all three years ago. 

     You just need I realize that who you are was formed by your upbringing and circumstances and not everybody is as lucky as others when it comes to those things. I haven’t been particularly lucky myself. But just try to believe in yourself. Because it’s true that everybody can let you down. There’s a quote that some people are tribute to Bob Marley and some people say it’s not him but it is , “The truth is, sooner or later everybody’s gonna hurt you. You just have to find the ones worth worth suffering for.” I don’t know if that’s the exact wording but that’s kind of the gist of it. You could probably look it up. Some people also attributed it to “Bobcat” Goldwaithe. But sometimes when I feel like everybody that I know including my own family has betrayed me, I think about that saying. I am an older father with one 19y/o son. So I try to make sure that the sacrifices I make are primarily for him. Not sure I really care about anybody else. Even if my son and I don’t have the best relationship all the time, I’m willing to make the sacrifices for him. It’s my choice. But yeah, I’ve been burned by just everybody else I know. And I mean everybody. So I know what you’re saying.

    I guess it’s one of the reasons some people become obsessive dog or cat owners. Because pets are less likely to betray you than human beings.

  • 4 weeks ago

    Well, first of all, you are an alcoholic.  You use alcohol to self medicate.

    Your post easily admits this.

    The thing you are medicating with the alcohol is clinical depression which is probably linked to a personality disorder because you use suicide attempts and self harm in order to manipulate men.

    And your promiscuity is also an attempt to self-medicate with sex.

    You are making yourself sicker and sicker because the alcohol is a depressant and your promiscuous behavior leaves you empty and with low self esteem.  And so your craving attention probably has a lot to do with your clinical depression and perhaps a personality disorder.

    And so first, you will need a medical detox and then a short stay in a psychiatric hospital for testing and getting regulated on anti depressive medications.  Your therapy can be done as an outpatient.

  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

    It does sound like BPD and you're at the age when symptoms start to become really noticable but unfortunately they continue to get much more severe for several more years. 

    Have a look at the following link to see if you meet the diagnostic criteria and whether you idenitfy with others' personal experiences of living with the condition.

  • James
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    4 weeks ago

    You don't feel ok with the life you have and you want someone to make your life better. You have got to start slowly making yourself more comfortable with the things you yourself have and can do and not rely so much on other people. When you become more self sufficient and know that you are worth it you won't mind so much when someone leaves because you will know that everything will be ok you still have yourself and you are a valuable person. Take small steps to get there and eventually you will overcome this

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