What good have Republicans delivered with all the power they had for the last 4 years?

Republicans don't deserve all this power. What have they delivered with 2 years(17-18) of the house ,majority of governorships, presidency and senate and the senate, courts, govornships and presidency for the last 2 years?

-11th most covid deaths per capita in the world

-8% unemployment rate. Higher than E.U (7%) and significantly higher than South Korea, New Zealand and Japan, which are all under 4%.

-No healthcare reform

-Record high debt(26 trillion) and deficits

-civil unrest

-Caused unjustified hatred of Muslims, Syrian refugees and black (specifically Somalian) immigrants.

They don't deserve all this power and we need to vote them out.



More jobs were created in Obama's last 3 years than Trump's first 3. 

Update 2:

@A hunch

Trump's response to covid destroyed jobs. That's why E.U, Japan and South Korea have lower unemployment rates than us

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    I agree.  In what way are most people better off today than four years ago?

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    Sounds like A RANT to me ... and you know those are not allowed !!

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    They didn't have all the power.

    They had a House that played Quien es mas macho every day.  It's probably been the least productive congress in history.  Even when the GOP had he House in 2017-2018.

    During the last 3 years of Obama's Presidency, 7,952,800 jobs were created.

    - percentage wise this is 7.7% job growth

    During 2017-2019, 8,624,400 jobs were created.

    - this is 7.95% job growth

    Even if you take all 8 years of Obama & almost 4 years of Trump (taking into consideration the awful 2020) Trump is up in actual jobs and only .5% below Obama in percentages.

    Note: I see articles that say the opposite. However, when you look at the Bureau of Labor Statistics, that is not true.  Here is an easy why to see the BLS data:https://seidmaninstitute.com/job-growth/year/

    If you are going to say just one thing that has been fantastic during the Trump years:

    The overall far reaching is that the financial world has skyrocketed.

    If you could pinpoint one thing that Congress / Presidency has done:

    The Trump Right to Try Act.

  • Rick B
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    1 month ago

    Highest stock market in history.

    Lowest minority unemployment in history.

    A more secure border.

    Lower taxes.

    More conservative judges and fewer liberal activist judges.

    American businesses are being put first.

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