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Iphone wont charge?

Back in July i bought an iphone 11,  everything has been fine. Ut recently i notice it doesn’t charge.  I could have my phone charging all night,  and only says 45%.   It just doesn’t move from that number.

My cable is fine,  ive tried restarting my phone but it didn’t help the problem.  What is going on??? Please help

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  • 4 weeks ago

    Do you use the phone in the bathroom, while taking a shower? If so, possible corrosion on the contacts for the charger. 


    Moisture damage over time, can tarnish the contacts on the cable and inside the port. Try using a CLEAN, pencil eraser on the contacts on the cable. Lightly rub the gold colored contacts, wipe off any loose eraser crumbs, plug it in to see if it helps make better contact. Do a couple of contacts, compare them to the ones you have not cleaned. It does not take much discoloration (tarnish/light corrosion), to impeded an electrical connection. 

    Do you carry your phone in your pockets, bags, backpack? If so, possible lint and crud accumulation in the charging port.  Use a can of compressed air or a vacuum attachment for cleaning small spaces, to try removing and crud inside the port. Have you dropped the phone? If so, possible damage to soldering between the port and the logic board is attached to. There isn't anything YOU can do, other than getting an estimate from Apple or a third-party cell phone repair shop, to get the port repaired or replaced. 

  • 4 weeks ago

    Plug in your phone - make sure you have Closed all running apps - then SHUT OFF the phone overnight while it charges.  Should be fine in the morning.

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