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Is this true about astrological SIGNS?

You have a rising sign, a sun sign, and a moon sign.

Meaning you never throughout all "times" display attributes of just one "sign".

Rising sign represents your first impression. How people see you when you meet. Sun sign is how you are naturally or when comfortable. Moon sign is how you are intimately.....

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    You're getting there.

    Everyone has ALL 12 Signs active to some degree, in some areas of life, in their own personal unique birth chart.  Based on the exact moment of birth, as the ecliptic was seen from the place of birth. 

    No two people are astrologically the same.

    We ARE our planets. Each of the 10 "planets" (including Sun, Moon and Pluto .. but not Earth) represents a different part of our personality, a different inner need that drives our behavior as we try to meet that need.

    The Sign a planet is in indicates the general style for that need.  This style of behavior may be ONLY one of the hundreds of possible ways of behaving indicated by the styles of that Sign.

    And whether or not the person is likely to express the positive behaviors of that Sign, or the negative behaviors of that Sign depends on how well/poorly the need/planet in that Sign interacts with any of the OTHER needs/planets in the chart.

    These interactions occur when any two planets are at some particular distance from each other, called "angular aspects" or just "aspects".   Some distances create discordant interactions between those two needs, creating inner tension, and the Sign style is negative or disruptive.

    Other distances create harmonious internal interactions between those two needs, with each need paving the way for the other need to get met, and the expression of the Sign is positive and constructive.

    So we consider each planet, then how it aspects other planets, and fill out the interpretation with the Sign for that planet.

    As for your Rising Sign, it is not a planet. It is whatever Sign was rising over the eastern horizon at the time you were born, as seen from where you were born. 

    The specific degree of that Sign, that part of the Sign that was ON the eastern horizon, is called your Ascendant, and we do look for aspects between our planets and our Ascendant.

    The Ascendant is the start/cusp of your First House, which is your superficial social mask  The less comfortable we are in a social situation, the more we hide behind our Ascendant, engaging in the Style of whatever Sign was rising.

    We are not our Houses .. not even our Ascendant/Rising Sign.  Houses represent areas of life. The Sign on the House indicates how we approach that area of life. Any planets IN a House indicate that we seek to meet that need through the matters of that House.

    - Sun is how we try to find inner wholeness, self-esteem.

    - Moon is our automatic emotional reactions, and how we endeavour to work with our emotions.

    - Mercury is how we think and communicate (NOT intelligence, but how we use whatever intelligence we have)

    - Venus is how we relate to others,  our aesthetic values, and what we think love is about .. what we look for and offer to love but also to relationships of any kind (Note that how we approach a particular type of relationship is shown by the House, adding info to our Venus-information:  5th is romantic love, 7th is married love and business partners, 11th is friends, etc).

    - Mars is about how we feel desire (for anything, even pizza), and how we react to having a desire.  So it involves things like our initiative, how we take action, if we follow-through, how assertive and even how aggressive we are.

    - Jupiter is about how we seek to expand our life ... optimism, networking, being part of life

    - Saturn is about how we handle the restrictions of reality ... hard work and acceptance of reality, or feleing inadequate and fearful about our ability to meet reality

    THE 3 outer planets are transformative:

    - Uranus seeks to transform by becoming MORE of an individual. Finding comfort in our uniqueness, or just rebelling blindly.

    - Neptune seeks to transform by becoming LESS of an individual.  Intuitive gut feelings to what is going on around them ... an empathy which may create kindness or create inner pain which we respond to by retreating into alcohol or drugs.

    - Pluto transforms through will power. Either directed inwardly, to face and resolve and master our inner self ... or directed outwardly to try to boss others around.

    I won't go into the Signs, Aspects, or Houses. Learn the symbolism for all of these.  The chart has 40 to 50 factors, so look first for repeated themes.

    For example:  someone has:

    - Sun in Pisces

    - Neptune conjunct the Ascendant (Neptune "rules" Pisces, and any "angular" planet is very very strong)

    - Neptune in the 12th House (Neptune is the "Pisces" House)

    - Moon square Neptune

    - Jupiter (co-ruler of Neptune) square Sun

    SO this is the major theme of the chart, and that is what you focus on first, before looking at other prominant factors.

    Hope this helps.

    Source(s): Retired professionally-certified astrologer (PMAFA from the American Federation of Astrologers)
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    To be Frank,  we follow all the rules astrology or when giving Readings.

    One also had to see the Transits of other Planets. I feel them in my life and then understand them better. 

    Source(s): Nityaloves 🙏
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    Signs, signs, signs.  There is a lot more to astrology than signs. Forget what you think you know.

    There are 12 signs in the tropical zodiac. Picture the earth as a sphere floating around in space and around it is a big circle.  This circle represents the imaginary path of the Sun around the earth.  Yes we know it's the other way around but it is easier to visualize it this way.  this circle of the path of the Sun is called the ecliptic. It sits at a 23 degree angle (roughly) to the equator.  The ecliptic is divided into 12 equal sections (30 degrees each).  These sections are the signs, and they make up the Tropical Zodiac.  As the Sun "moves" around the ecliptic, it passes through each of the 12 signs.  "Your" sign is the sign the Sun was in at the time of your birth. 

    The planets move in the same direction as the Sun around the same circle (sort of).  Each planet therefore is also in a sign at any particular moment.  Ditto the Moon.

    The ecliptic intersects the equator in two places - east and west.  Where it intersects in the east, it is called 0 Aries.  Then moving counterclockwise each sign is divided into 30 degrees.  After 29 degrees 59 minutes, 59 seconds of Aries it becomes 0 Taurus and so on.  So all the planets plus the Sun and Moon are somewhere within a sign at all times.

    The rising sign is the sign that is on the eastern horizon at the moment of birth as viewed from the birthplace. The zodiac or ecliptic is imagined as rising over that point all day long. 

    At the moment of birth, each planet, and the Sun and Moon are called planets for simplicity's sake, is somewhere and a map of the heavens as viewed from the birthplace at the time of birth is the birth chart.  That chart is what is read by astrologers.  Every chart has every sign in it and every planet in it. 

    I'm not going to explain the houses or this will get too long, but I will tell you this.  The location of the planets is more important than the signs.  In fact, in real astrology, the signs aren't the most important thing.

    If you're really interested in all this find a good beginner's book and dive in. There is so much more and it is way too much to explain here, 

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