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ok not really a question But still I believe Kids should have a choice on where they live instead of some Judge ?

First of all A Judge doesnt know about your life they only know about the laws of consent and police records they don't know for sure if a parent is abusive and they can also think abuse is ok for all we know And I don't know about the exact analytics but I know that judges have intact put kids with a Physical and mental absuive parents before Second of all I believe no matter what Age you are you have a right to chose who you spend your whole childhood with and ending up with an abusive parent can result in 

the kids being  weak, timid and extremely scared all the time. Many grow up to be mentally depressed and dependent.

Some lose faith while there are still some who have serious psychological disorders to work up on.

They can hardly have normal relationships and marriage rarely works wonders for such.

Low self esteem, lack of confidence and hope are just a few examples of such children.

This is also seen, abused children become abusive parents in their later life, which is the worst part of the case.


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    In divorce situations, the custodial parent is the one responsible for disciplining the child, getting him or her to do homework and get out to school and help with household chores. The parent who has visitation on weekends has no responsibilities and often spoils the child for a tactical advantage in the custody case and, by getting awarded custody, ending child support payments. When the judge asks the kid's preference, a young child is apt to choose the indulgent parent over the demanding parent. That's why the child's preference is a factor to be considered but not deemed determinative until the child has attained a better appreciation of its own best interests.

    In an abuse case, even a serious one, children are likely to prefer to stay with abusive parents rather than be taken away and placed with strangers. That's why the recommendation to the judge is best left to professionals who have investigated all the circumstances and whose only interest is the child's welfare. Having weighed all the factors, the judge decides. It would be nice to say the judge always makes the right decision. Some judges are better than others. On balance, we hope the judges make the right decisions.

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    In most custody hearings, The child's input is important. If the child is over a certain age, his/her wishes often override those of the parents. This age is variable due to location.  My kids said they were staying with dad(me). She and her lawyer objected vehemently but I got custody

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    That makes sense.

    No one knows the parents except the child.

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    I don't                  

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