Phobia of Power?

Is there any recognized phobia that can describe the fear of power, as in the concept of great power?


To answer lili, it's the second kind. The fear of someones power. I do think the answer of Jonah syndrome is helpful, though.

Update 2:

By someones power I mean that someone with power will use it to hurt me, or is indifferent toy existence and doesn't care if what they do hurts me.

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  • Lili
    Lv 7
    1 month ago

    Fear of holding power or fear of someone else's power?

    The second would be considered perfectly normal in most circumstances, frankly, unless it caused irrational behavior: i.e., you refused to leave your house owing to a fear that the local mayor might be so powerful as to have you arrested for no reason and flung into prison.

    Most people fear the power of the powerful, but unless they live in quite unusual situations, they know that they don't have to fear it much.

    The fear of becoming powerful or important is sometimes referred to as the "Jonah Syndrome".

    So, what kind of fear do you have in mind?

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