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Does the special education evaluation always involve iq and achievement tests?

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    It's my understanding that in the U.S., the Child Study Team (cst) is the team of school-based professionals who make an assessment of students having difficulty with academics, the school environment, or both.  The cst usually includes a school social worker, learning disabilities teacher-consultant (LDT-C), and school psychologist.  

    Just an fyi that some U.S. states may refer to the cst as School Building Level Committee (sblc), Pupil Personnel Team (ppt), Student Study Team (sst), or Pre-referral Team (prt).I believe that the school psychologist usually does administer an IQ (intelligence quotient) test as part of the "psychoeducational" evaluation.

    National Association of Special Education Teachers (NASET) has more general info re: the Child Study Team:

    This state website has more general info and resources about "the special education team" (and related info):

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