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Slight pressure near right eye?? Been roughly a week?

Hi there, hope you guys are doing well through this global pandemic!

Recently, like a week ago I had quite a runny nose which was followed by sneezes. A few days later both my eye lids swell up a bit and it felt like something was within my right eye like a small foreign object. I got this checked out at my optician (eye specialist) and they told me I have viral conjunctivitis and I was using eyedrops for roughly 3 or 4 days to treat this. They also told me that my eye pressure was quite high (25/26) and that they will refer me as soon as they can and there will be a delay because of COVID-19.

Now the feeling of something being there has disappeared but I feel slight pressure in my right eye. The feeling of pressure (like its about to pop) to be exact is around the lacrimal gland and extends to the side nostril. I feel a slight pain right under my eye (maxillary bone) when I touch the area. What could the cause be and what should I do?

Thank you for reading!

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