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I basically ask for help to a guy on purpose, so that he will talk to me. Is that wrong somehow?

There's this guy who works in a place. One day I asked him for help on purpose (didn't need help, but wanted so bad to have an excuse to talk to him) and he came to help me with a smile on his face, but since I am bad at flirting he didn't even understand anything about my feelings. When he was helping me I kept staring at his eyes, which caused him to look at me in a worried way. I said thanks and went straight away in order not to disturb him further. Another time I was around the place where he works and wished so bad he had hid shift, he had it, when he noticed me he smiled but he was called from his boss I guess, so I had no chance to talk to him. Sometimes I lie just to ask him for help even if I don't need it, in order to spend time with him. I just love him so much but he doesn't understand I lie, he thinks I constantly need help. When he saw me carrying some bags with my healthy hand (I had a broken wrist) he run to me and told me to pay attention not hurting my other hand and took my bags and shook his head in disapproval. We never have normal conversations, just talk about things, work, weather. What if I tell him I just want to spend time with him cause he's kind and handsome, will he think I am weird?

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    Hon, you don't love him, because you don't know him. That being said: 

    You could ask him what time he gets out of work, and offer to buy him a cup of coffee. Understand, if he is already in a relationship or he's already decided you're not his type, he is free to say 'no.' Don't invest so much emotion into a stranger, because if he does say no, you'll probably still want to shop there.

    Taking up his time at work unnecessarily can get him into  trouble at work. Stop that. Just ask him if he wants to go our after work.

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    I think that in this situation, yes, you should ask him if he's interested in hanging out with you. He's an employee, so he's most likely not gonna make any moves while he's working out of fear of losing his job, even if he is interested. You won't look weird, don't worry; he seems nice and he'll probably be very flattered. Wishing you the best!

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    Ask him if you can take him out for coffee, since he has been so kind to you

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    It'll be great for some guys to answer this. But as a woman, I always think it's best to let the guy ask you out. But you can give him hints that you're interested. The reason I say that is because guys will usually make a move if they like you & you give them the right signal back.

    Or alternatively, if you're too nervous doing that, you could ask one of your friends at work (that you're close to), to find out if he would potentially be interested. e.g. They could casually ask him if he fancies anyone at all in the workplace. Then that could help you to figure out if he's thinks about you in that way. And then from there, you could approach after finding out.

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