Pluto trine lilith and Mars square lilith?

How strong are these two natal aspects and what do they do for people with them? Like any traits? Thanksm

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  • Janet
    Lv 7
    1 month ago

    IN 45 years of doing astrology and meeting with other astrologers in local, regional, national and international conferences .... we don't use Lilith.

    The odd astrologer here and there "specializes" in Lilith.  They can write a book about it to sell to astrologers who are curiou about it. They might get invited to give lectures or speak at conferences (a free trip OR a free trip plus an "honorarium" payment).  Same things with the asteroids, although over the past 30 years more and more astrologers AREstarting to include Chiron (about half of astrologers).

    But we don't use Lilith. It isn't even a planet.

    Websites are there to make money .... either by selling computer-generated reports, or by advertisers paying them based on how many people access that site.

    So often Lilith and the asteroids, they add those extras in because it makes their website more inclusive, and therefore people who don't undestand astrology will assume this website is more knowledgeable, will visit this site more, and the site makes more money.

    But also, the more you put into a chart, the more information-overload there is - especially for someone who is not adept at interpreting charts - and so this makes the visitor MORE likely to buy a computer-generated report.

    Really ... it's just a scam preying on those who don't understand astrology very well.

    Everything you need to know, you find in the 10 "planets" and the 5 major aspects.  Although you will want to consider the inconjunct/quincunx aspect IF it is part of a Yod configuration (dont' include the Angles in aspect configuration ... we ARE our planets .. not the angles).

    So astrologers will first look for a repeated theme of Planet-House--Sign-Aspect and work from there.  We rarely go into the minor aspects unless there is a specific question of a psychologicaly nature. And we don't use the asteroids or the "non-bodies" such as Lillith.  We MIGHT use the Moon's Nodes if we are looking at a spiritual growth/reincarnation question ... assuming that is what the client wants.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    None of this means anything in life.

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