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Why do I feel so old at 24 and envy high school girls now?

I’m 24 and a girl and I don’t look 24, but I still feel old. I see all these girls in High school that look so young and full of life and I can’t help but feel old and depressed I’m no longer a teen.. I kinda got cheated out of my teen years having no high school experience or fun or friends and now I can’t go back and try and make some. I feel so old compared to these young girls even though people think I still look like I’m one of them. I know it’s ridiculous to feel old at 24 and people shouldn’t start feeling even remotely old until 30, but I keep thinking about how I’m almost to mid 20’s. Then in no time I’ll be in late 20’s, then 30’s and so on. And I’ve had no life at all. I like a guy that’s 4 years younger than me and I feel old compared to him and feel like he’d much rather like a girl his own age or younger. People keep telling me I’m so young and I don’t look my age, but no matter how much I’m told that, I just feel depressed. Time is just flying and I’ve done nothing and had no experiences, and I don’t want to get old. The past 2 years I’ve gone through horrible hard times that resulted on my life being on hold and that’s 2 more precious years I’ve lost. I’m 6 years away from being 30 and it feels like just yesterday 6 years ago I was 18. This makes me feel like the next 6 years are gonna fly by too. I want time to stop.. Anyone else ever feel like this? 


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    Life will fly by after high school. That’s normal. Get over it. Everyone gets older. It doesn’t even matter when you reach your mid to late 20s. 

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    everyone does,,, you are nothing special 

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    1 month ago

     I honestly started feeling “old” around age 25sh too zxjq

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    1 month ago

    "I kinda got cheated out of my teen years" 

    this is a myth many people especially women fall for.,.. if your not working full time ,,, that does it to you 

    if you have any looks at all... some old fart is looking at you thinking I want one

    but you would feel upset at that ?  have sex with a old fart and see what your future looks like 

    IF you do not become productive and learn to enjoy life basics .. you will never be happy

    it is a choice' stop the self pity and be happy 

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    Boredom. Also did you feel safe in high school? Thats why you're bored.

    A lot of information is out there taught in schools much of it trivia facts. 

    However some information is useful, many of it found in books both fiction and nonfiction.

    For example whats your blood type? Its good to know your blood type, since 45% are blood type O, 35% are blood type A, 15% are blood type B, and about 5% are blood type AB.

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    wait until you are will think "Man, what was I thinking back then! 24 is about the prime time age of youth"

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    Partly because you still haven't figured out that "girls" are children - human females who haven't reached puberty.  The moment they do, they are thereafter WOMEN - ask any Biology teacher.  Other than that, your depression likely arises from a feeling you have of a missed youth.  Get used to the fact that it's gone & won't be back no matter what you do.  Not all of us have the same life experience anyway.  If we did, most of us wouldn't be necessary.  Don't peer at a lost yesterday.  Be here now & look forward.  You haven't seen anything yet.  Believe me: The best is yet to come.

    Awww.. wassamatta "T.D." troll fruitboy?  Did no one let you "puff" them today?     

  • 1 month ago

    If you want a different outcome, make a different choice.  It would seem you have hit an emotional wall so allow yourself to sit quietly and decide what you want from life.  Be open to shifting your perspective so you can set about achieving your goals.  Your thoughts are only limited by you, so identify what is important to you and do not choose to allow age be a dominant factor in your decision-making.  You cannot control or change time, but you are completely responsible for your choices.  You have one life, decide how you want to live this each day.

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    Girl, just wait till you're 37, then you'll feel old--and yet to someone who is 67, you will be as lean and mean as a sweet sixteen jellybean!

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