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Can anybody identify this beautiful plant please,and would it be tolerant to a UK climate, (Zone 8)?


Thank you all for your informative answers and care advice.

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    Looks like lantana to me too. It likes warm climates. Unless you have a very sunny sheltered location, sunny all winter, you may only be able to grow it as an annual. That's what happens here in coastal British Columbia which is USDA zone 7 (I don't know if you are using the US system or the RHS system) and generally considered a similar climate to that of much of the UK. In warmer climates it grows all year round and can get to be a shrub size. If you have a place to bring it inside in winter you may be able to overwinter it. My neighbour grows it as an annual, but it probably wouldn't do well at my place where there is more shade from trees.

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    Not seen in the U.K. and I've been gardening for 50 years. 

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    It looks like Lantana, a variety of the Verbena family, which is actually a plant from the tropics. It wouldn't do well in a UK climate, but there are plenty of varieties of Verbena that would.

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