Can a perfume change its quality if kept stored correctly in its bottle?

I bought a cologne (Acqua di Gio profumo) and in the beginning it was strong! It had a strong incense and patchouli smell and now, after 2 weeks after I bought it, when I spray it I smell more alcohol and the smell seems way less intense and kinda different (I smell different notes than I did before). Is this how perfumes work or what?

I stored it in it's box and kept it in my drawer where it's dry and dark.


@Anonymous thanks, I actually thought about that. But I haven't sprayed it for 4 days and it's still very less intense. But I guess it's just it. Thank!

Update 2:

@D50 I agree :)

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    No problem if the container is sealed.  My favorite after-shave was made by Lentheric - - they stopped making it in the 1960s, and since eBay has been around I've been able to buy unopened bottles that people find at estate sales and such.  As long as the cap is on tight, contents are like new even tho' they are 50+ years old.  I've had one (out of many) that had apparently been opened and was not sealed tight - of course, scents have high alcohol content and easily evaporate....was still usable but affected the scent.

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    You're getting used to it. Don't let that fact tempt you to use a lot of it. There are few things worse than an over-scented person.

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    No. When stored properly a fragrance can keep its scent for a very long time. In my home town a perfume shop went out of business and a storage room had decades old bottles of fragrance. They smelled as fresh and new as the day they were bottled. Your nose, however, becomes used to the scent and it doesn't seem to be as strong to your nose.  It smells the same. It's the same reason why some people don't notice terrible smells in their own home or some can't smell their own foul body odor stench. A TV commercial called it "nose blind" it's real. Stop sniffing your scent as often and the nose blindness will ease up.

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