How can unpin category in Yahoo Answers? ?

I have pinned some categories, but is impossible unpins. 

Do you have a solution? 


No way. I think it's a bug then :(

Update 2:

Unfortinately it's a bug. Thank you DOT ( . )

Update 3:

@Peter It did not work

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    4 weeks ago
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    Go to the category or subcategory main page, and at the top beside the sub/category name you should see a link to "pin" or one that says "pinned". Click on "pinned" and it will UNpin that sub/category (at least that's how it works on desktop devices). 

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    Go to each category pinned. Next to the category title, it will say pinned. Click on that. On some phones, it may require desktop mode.

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    4 weeks ago

    My opinion of the intelligence of users here keeps dropping every day.

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