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Lot's of astrology software out there.  Who uses which ones and what do you like or dislike about them?

Please include approximate price.  They range from free to several hundred dollars.  


"Why must there be multiple types of astrology and software?"

Where did this idiot come from? 

Update 2:

>Astrology needs a consumer review organization<

Sounds like Yahoo Answers Horoscopes needs one to separate the knowledgeable from the ignorant.

Thank you Janet. 

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    I don't...I have books...



  • Janet
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    There are three that are commonly purchased and used by professional astrologers, as well as serious astrologers ... at least in North America.  Listed from least-expensive to more-expensive:

    Win*Star (NOT the "app" called "WinStar"... note the asterisk)Solar FireSirius (or the earlier version, "Kepler")

    They are all good.  All offer slightly different ways of doing the same things.

    I really don't remember the specific prices. The last one I bought was Sirius, when it first came out ... sometime before 2015 ... maybe as far back as 2010.

    I belong to several astrological organizations, attend meetings of astrologers ... most of us use Win*Star ... Kepler came first, when home computers still operated off of floppy disks, but it did not give circular charts, and it could not print out symbols.

    Some bought the primitive version of Kepler. Others waited until Win*Star came out.

    Later, there was Solar Fire.  And "recently", Sirius.

    So we use what we are most-used to using.  

    I started off with Win*Star and prefer some of its formats over the other programs.  I find it the most "user-friendly" and easiest to learn to use.

    But Solar Fire allows you to move the chart forward/backward ... very useful for pinpointing a time.  It also has software "Cookbook" reports ... somewhat useful, but no substitution for being able to interpret the chart yourself.  But other programs are now offering "cookbook" reports.

    Sirius LOOKS the best, so if I gave an in-person reading, with a copy of their chart printed out, I would use Sirius (I'm retired now and no longer do readings).

    All 3 are accurate and do a variety of astrological functions, as I am sure you have seen.

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    "That idiot" is our resident Genius.  As you can see from his answer, he needs committees to think for him.  He also doesn't know the difference between astrology and lawn mowing.

    Hey Genius?  Why do we need different car manufacturers?  They all do the same thing.  Get a committee to explain it to you.

    Janus About $250 Great graphics easy to use.

    Free programs that are really good: Planet Dance, and Morinus. EDIT: Why must there be multiple types of astrology and software? 

    You obviously have no idea what it is that astrology software does, do you?  Why is there more than one word processor? Why isn't there only one of every kind  of pdf program?  Why not ban all the photography software except one?  How can you be so stupid? FYI, Some programs do more things than others.  If you read Janet's post you'd realize not all have reports, for example.  Not all do primary directions.  Only two or three do zodiacal releasing.  Some have better graphics than others. Some do Hindu astrology and some don't. Some offer chart wheel design applets, others don't.  Some don't do much more than chart calculation so they can be sold at lower price points. In short, like every other product on the face of the earth there are different products to fill different needs of different buyers - stupid. How about you make a drastic life change and spend ten minutes learning about things before you criticize them. Have you ever seen an astrology program?   Or are you just parading your ignorance around because it satisfies your pathetic little ego?>>Edit: Does that mean I won’t get favorite answer?<<I think it means you deleted all the dumb things you wrote because you finally realized how absurd your original answer was.  Now go help Mommy in the kitchen

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    Edit: Does that mean I won’t get favorite answer?

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