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Norton Mobile VPN Alert Telling Me I Have A Man In The Mirror Attack On My Home Wi-Fi Network?

I just woke up and saw a notification that said something along the lines of “Private Network [Name of Network] Has Been Compromised Due To A Man In The Mirror Attack”. When I open the app though, it says that everything is okay and shows no security threats. Was this a false alarm or is there someone out there controlling everything with my Wifi network?? I know I sound crazy but I have really bad paranoia and anxiety and I just need to know for sure that everything is okay. 

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    1 month ago

    it is Man in the Middle attack, lol

    no Michael Jacksons were involved.

    you should contact Norton support for guidance. it's why you pay them...

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    It's "Man in the Middle attack."  And those are unlikely.  So probably a false alarm.

    However, it might be a wise idea to reset the password on your wifi router, and the devices connecting to it, just to be safe.

    If you don't know how to do that, just Google your brand and model of wifi router and "change password."  Make it something difficult.

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