what’s the show name KC Undercover a play on ? pls help?

I know KC undercover is a show and i also watched an episode of something where they said ‘cavemen undercover’ . I assume those are both a play on something but i’m not sure what, like ‘____ Undercover’. What was the original ??? Someone please tell me cause i need to know 

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  • Alan
    Lv 7
    4 weeks ago

    Sorry, I don't think it is play on anything famous at all. 


    It was the 3rd possible title. 

    1st. K.C Spy 


    2nd.  Super Awesome Katy (which Just Jared says 

    Zendaya  didn't like and rejected.) 

    It does ring any bells to me. If you like initials.  

    I know 

    LA Confidential  was the name of  multiple different movies .

     LA Law was a TV Series.

    NYPD  Blue was a TV series .    

    KC and the Sunshine Band was a band 

    BJ and the Bear was a TV series

    For things with Undercover in it , I don't know much. 

    Undercover Angel was a song by Alan 0'Day in 1977

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