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Is there an end in sight for when we can return to "normal living"  after this pandemic ends?

October is almost over.  I do understand that people are definitely contracting the coronavirus in present times.  And one more question - does Covid 19 leave all its carriers long-lasting lung and/or possible brain damage to some extent or do only those with the most severe symptoms of this virus experience this?  

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    No, there is no end in sight.  Everyone is still at the what-if stage of figuring that stuff out, and every time they look for answers all they find is more questions.  It's still way too early to make any scientific predictions.  Those who make predictions are not credible at all.

    One thing is certain, this pandemic will come to an end.  Either an effective vaccine will be discovered, or the disease will become just another virus like the thousands we already deal with regularly.

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    Nobody knows for certain, but its not going to be any time soon.  The government agency i work work is projecting a return to normal workplace operations sometime in late spring or early summer of 2021.   It could be sooner than that if either a vaccine or a highly effective treatment regime become available before that time.  It could also be later if vaccines are not effective or if there are no treatment breakthroughs.  

    Many people infected with the virus have mild fatigue and brain fog that lasts for several months or more before clearing up.  A much smaller percentage have permanent damage or long-lasting symptoms.   The people with lasting symptoms tend to be those with more severe symptoms at the outset, but this is not always the case.

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