Will a gammon joint float if it has gone off, cooking in slow cooker?

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  • Goerge
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    4 weeks ago
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    It's simply an indication of the changing density of the food in question. As chicken cooks, some of the fat inside turns to a liquid and is then known as rendered fat. As it cooks more steam from the cooking process builds up from the meat and the fat which decreases its density just that much more. When the chicken is close to being done all of those things that has reduced its density cause it to float but not because it has gone off. Gammon, unlike ham isn't fully cooked so the cooking process along with the size of the joint, if its sitting in water and the amount and the presence of a bone(bone marrow is very porous or full of little air pockets) may or may not cause it to float. If it floats immediately that would lead me to believe it's fatty, has the bone in, isn't all that big and it's sitting in water, :P obviously.

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