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My little brother is 15 and has this teacher who makes me uncomfortable, but I cant tell if I'm coming at the situation a little bias. His teacher is 35 years old and recently told my little brother he liked his haircut and asked him where he had his haircut, which maybe isnt so weird. But he saw my little brother wearing soccer jerseys and offered to buy or trade for some of his, which kind of made me uncomfortable. This teacher just makes me uncomfortable because once when I asked him why someone in our class got suspended because we didnt see her do anything his response was, "she was suspended for dressing sexy." Which made me uncomfortable. He is also dating a girl that is 19 years old, I only know this because he has invited her to my brothers class parties and she was talking with his classmates and thats what she told them. Other teachers at our school have also mistaken her as a student before when she was waiting outside for him. I cant tell if I should tell my brother to try and stay away from this guy. Is this normal? I'm only 17 and have no clue about anything, and I dont want to judge this man if this is considered normal or okay. Thank you. 


Just to clarify, he is one of the few math teachers at our school, he has students from all ages ranging from 8th grade to 12th. Thanks. 

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    There are a couple things that are not okay about this teacher. Buying and trading clothing with students is a bit weird. Him disclosing another student's information (suspension and the reason for it) is inappropriate. Him bringing his girlfriend to class parties is inappropriate. 

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