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What causes mood swings in a natal chart? Any particular aspects or signs?

I have severe mood wings..but my natal moon is not afflicted, what is it?

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    Perhaps it is just having Moon in Pisces, conjunct Saturn.  95% of our emotions arise spontaneously from our subconscious brain patterns, and Pisces IS the Sign of subconscious influence. So Moon in Pisces might have trouble being in touch with their subconscious patterns as they subtly arise or are triggered by associative events.  You may not have learned HOW to open to those subconscious responses yet.

    Astrology is an influence. It doesn't control us. All it shows is how we will likely be IF we do nothing to change or grow.

    It could also have nothing to do with your natal chart. Astrology is only an influence, and all it shows is how we will likely be IF we do nothing to change or grow.

    Mood swings can be genetic/inherited.  They can be caused by brain chemistry.  Or by hormonal changes (in either sex) .. if you are in your teens, you have not had time to adjust to the new flood/input of puberty hormones .. but you can and will, over time, if you work on it. 

    They can be caused by brain damage (hitting your head hard/concussion caused permanent damage).   If recent in onset, by brain tumor.

    So many things.

    I would start with your family doctor to see if there is any physiological cause and if so, if there is any medical treatment for mood swings.

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