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Theme statement for whether or not we should celebrate columbus day ?

it has to be a common theme that could be found in left, right and center media biased articles

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    All you need is a title, and you can build it all from there.

    Christopher Columbus - Great Explorer or Capitalist Tyrant?

  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

    Columbus never landed in Continental America, he landed in the Caribbean. Columbus only came a few times with a few small ships, not with gigantic genocidal armies. The British tried occupying continental North America and the Iroquois General George Washington led them to victory to achieve their Freedom leading to the annihilation of the tyrannical British Empire. The British have been incensed by this political historical reality ever since and have an agenda to make the world think Americans migrated from Asia, but of course they evolved from America. End of story. The British Commonwealth was the precursor and template of the common rule of communism. The Americans fully accept the existence and activities of Christopher Columbus. The British and communist Africans and China, the communist axis, tried waging communist BLM / Antifa race riots against America and dismantling statues of Columbus and Washington, but the idiot British keep screwing up and getting caught because the Americans can see through them like the dumb polluted British air they are.

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    Of course Columbus day should be celebrated. Columbus is the man who put America on the map. Without him, Europeans would not have known that America existed. 

    (Even though others may have found the continent before him, Columbus made it known to the world). 

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