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Horse book title?

It's been a while since I read this book so I can't remember the title and author. The book revolves around this teenage girl who moves with her Father to a type of horse ranch after her Mother died months before in a horse-riding accident who the daughter claims she doesn't miss at all. At the ranch, she meets a black horse isn't tame who the ranch owner got from an auction. She also hears the story of a little girl named Lydia who stayed at the ranch years ago who went missing and was never found. Near the end of the book, she solves the mystery discovering in which her older sister played a joke on her knocking a bee's nest down when Lydia was not aware she was standing directly below and she went into anaphylactic shock from the bee venom and quickly died. Her sister hid her body and said she had no idea what happened to Lydia. The daughter and others find Lydia's bones. The book ends with the daughter going for a ride months later with a friend on the black horse she'd tamed and was now hers. IF YOU DON'T KNOW THE TITLE OR AUTHOR DON'T POST AN ANSWER.

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