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Joe Biden’s gaffe could sink his US presidency bid?

Joe Biden is in a world of pain with a week to go to the election and polls tightening. Every time he ventures outside his basement, truckloads of cheerful Trump supporters show up waving flags and chanting “Four More Years”.

He became so exasperated by their exuberance in Pennsylvania on the weekend that he called them “chumps”, which quickly became the new “deplorables” of 2020.

Then there is the matter of his wayward son Hunter’s abandoned MacBook, which President Trump calls “the laptop from hell” because it links Biden to his family’s influence peddling schemes overseas.

Worst of all, Biden made the mother of all electoral gaffes when he ­admitted at last week’s presidential debate that he would kill off, or “transition” out of, the oil industry in order to dial down the planet’s thermostat.

“The oil industry pollutes, significantly,” he said. “It has to be replaced by renewable energy over time”.

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    The US National News Media is exposing themselves as very corrupt & possibly worst than communist & 3rd world totalitarian regimes as the US (DNC) News Media show the world the freedom of the press isn't about honest objectivity. The (DNC) News Media report on rumors, fabricated dossier (DNC/Hilary collaborating with foreign British & Russian Agents through Fusion GPS) & anonymous sources against (R) even delve into it further, but not on real documents, texts conversations in Personal Laptops & Phones from hunter & business partner (Nuclear Submarine Commander; not an anonymous source) blowing the whistle on the Bidens.

    The News Media covering for Biden are actually conveying they are fine with Joe Biden using the Administrative Branch to enrich himself & his family through a scheme reminiscent of a racketeering ring demanding foreign companies/corporation like Big oil of Anatolia, Middle East (Arab/Hebrew), Central Asia (Persian/Turkic), & Russia 10% commission for himself through his son & brother as Joe Biden signals these foreign corporations & countries that he will be transitioning from US energy independence to foreign energy dependence.

    The cell phones text conversations & contacts are legit. Hunter Biden's 'My Chairman' is his Father. 'BD family' getting loans is the Biden Family. You can tell how professional the Biden's are with their corrupt quid pro quo scheme having created code words to mask their schemes. James Comey & Peter Strokz must've helped the Bidens create those code words.

    If Biden gets elected & don't get impeached to supplant Harris into the presidency, it will be used as Black Mail by all entities with full knowledge of Biden's corruption despite helping bury the story before the election (Foreign Countries, Corporation, K. Harris, B. Sanders, the Squad, Media Moguls & Conglomerates...).

    (Future president shouldn't have a salary or at least just equal to minimum wage, if not 1/2 more than minimum. Commander in Chiefs have free Presidential Palace, free sustenance, free 1st class medical care, free security, free travel, free motorcade...)

    Because the Global Warming Scientist AOC prophetically sermonized that the world will end in 2030 (12 years from 2018), Joe Biden & the DNC will take advantage of the fear from the end of the world scheme from Global Warming ('sky is falling') in 12 years with the added bonus of COVID-19 hysteria to shut down the US economy with their Green New Deal & prevent future president from re-opening the economy back up with fossil fuels for complete reliance on foreign energy by taking control Bolshevik style as they pass laws supplanting the US Constitution rendering it inadequate & useless like Venezuela did.

    Solar Panels & Wind Mills are made from tons fossil fuel (plastic: fiber glass/carbon fiber) to make a couple/few Solar Panels & Wind Mills. Medical equipment, supplies, hygiene products, make up, & containers are made from fossil fuels. Heavy Metals in Batteries & Solar Panel Circuitry are very toxic to the environment. The methods of mining (pit mines) rare earths used in solar power are very damaging to the forest, wild life, & water sources.

    Why Renewables can't save the planet

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    Why I changed my mind about nuclear power

    Youtube thumbnail

    Youtube thumbnail

    The Green New Deal is designed to destroy America from within & the intent of 3rd world socialist countries to prosper, but only 2nd - 8th largest adversarial or rival countries will. The military will become very ineffective so the US can't be SAVIORS or police of the world. The United States would be ripe for the Taking or break apart into 50 or 10 separate independent countries as its defensive arsenals of carbon emitting internal combustion engines, rocket engines, Jet engines, bombs, missiles, cannon powder... would be out of commission. AOC want to dissolve Homeland Security & the Military so that customs, Coast Guard, Navy, Army, & Airforce can't defend against Drug Cartels, Drug Mules, Drug Dealers, Human Traffickers, Criminal Gangs, Common Criminals, ISIS or Al Qaeda operatives like the Boston Marathon Bomber (Tsarnaev), San Bernardino shooter (Farook), & Florida gay bar shooter (Mateen). Criminals will have free range without fear of prosecution & punishment, just like Venezuela where criminal gangs (Colectivos) intimidates & enforces socialist propaganda like ANTIFA & Mussolini's Black Shirts.

    Despite how American socialists (Sanders & AOC) brand their socialism as Democratic Socialist to mask their true intentions to achieving the end goal of Socialist state control of the economy, industry, property & public by bureaucratic regulations. Everything they propose such as public education (free & mediocre) & universal single payer healthcare (rationed) is straight up USSR, Cuba & Venezuela's play book which Sanders lauds & defends. (Venezuela praised as Democratic Socialist was actually Communist with its bureaucrats pillaging oil revenues). These socialist countries don't have state of the art Hospitals & Cadillac Gov. Assist. for all (only 0.0001%) because there isn't enough funds & man power regardless of how much of the private sector are taxed & nationalized. Ultimately all concept or branding of socialism leads to Government owned property of industries, housing, farms, people, long working hours, & NO: dissenting free speech, entrepreneurship, competition, varieties in brands or materials with very little individuality, motivation, & productivity.

    In a Socialist country it is very hard to impossible to be a Millionaire when socialists like Bernie & AOC will take 90% of an entrepreneurs wealth, income, & property. Sanders always touts Sweden (less densely populated homogenous country) as a socialist success where Millionaires & Billionaires thrives from the middle class & the working poor being the ones funding most gov. assistance in Sweden. Bernie & AOC will use every means of pressure & influence in advancing the Green New Deal's socialist agenda funded by the top 21% ($Millionaires/$Billionaires) turning that into the top 0.0001% for the US economy & society to permanently mirror Cuba, Venezuela & N. Korea eliminating most of the rich (except elites in government) & all middle class to exist as income among the rich, middle & poor are flattened to the lowest level.

    Lesson for America: Sweden is not Socialist

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    A nationwide 80% economic shutdown is a communist model economy from a pandemic or warfare that plunges 1st world economies into a depression is when socialism takes hold & eventually take over that'll be permanent under the Green New Deal (New Communist Manifesto). Anyone who has lived in or escaped Venezuela knows this feeling, once all Industries & Private properties are nationalized. Senate & House (D)s Green New Deal will shape America's economy in line with Venezuela & Cuba were bureaucrats control the economy & the profits (ripe for corruptions). Everyone will either be working for the government assigned jobs deemed necessary, or unemployed on rationed assistance hand outs & rent free dilapidated apartment in disrepair.

    Sweden's homogeneous Social welfare system works because there aren't that many people to feed with the poor, middle class, and rich paying for their welfare system with their salaries, but the rich don't get over burned with extra or additional taxes totaling to 70%-99% 3.5-4.5+ times more than the 20% max required by Sweden's Capitalist System. Sweden's working poor  earned and worked for their socialized welfare and are proud of it, even if they paid a little more than the Job producing entrepreneurs (middle class/rich). They can't make more pies, if they are over burdened with regulations and taxes killing their incentives to earn wealth through commerce, unlike the DNC's Collectivos, ANTIFA, BLM and Criminals who just want a handout without earning it through work and sacrifices.

  • Jeff S
    Lv 7
    1 month ago

    All right-wing BS! I don't believe any Murdoch media outlets!

    Might as well watch Infowars to get my news as to believe them!

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    I think it's a bit more than that one gaffe. Riots, murders, sniffing, senility, influence peddling, the bias of the 'news', so much more that I can't even easily list it all. Hell, the anti-Americanism of the progressives if not the ENTIRE Democrat party.... the censorship of conservatives on social media, the pretentiousness of 'woker than thou' hipsters.... The Democrat party has become a bad joke. 

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Okay, retard. Enjoy your Dear Leader's humiliating defeat next week!

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