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Is it normal to feel drunk while ovulating?

So today since I woke up I feel like I'm drunk. I did not sleep well (had insomnia for days) and today my left side started to hurt as it usually does when I ovulate. Since waking up I was feeling completely drunk all day. I even feel like falling sometimes and my brain doesn't work. I did couple of stupid things and my brain works veeery slow and I even say stupid things due to my brain not connecting information properly. I usually avoid talking as much as I can on days like this because people would think I'm a complete idiot :D. In the past I had problems because of this my work and my relationships with people suffered. I think it is hormones but I'm not sure any more. I did go to doctors. They didn't find anything. This happens from time to time and is very weird. Today I went to a beauty treatment on my face and I was laying on the bed for 1.5 hours. When I stood up my legs felt like jelly and I had to make sure I'm not going to fall before I started walking. This symptoms completely disappear once the ovulation finished. Does anyone has similar funny stuff going on thanks to their hormones? 

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    I've never read or heard of a correlation between the two. But it is normal to feel spaced out, weak and foggy/groggy in the head due to lack of sleep. 

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