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2012 600rr has only 7000 miles? (Limited edition)??

I found an advertisement of a 2011 600rr that has 7000 miles on it. The fairings are completely different of nothing that I’ve seen. I will attach a photo. I saw the bike it is all stock and owner claims that the clutch was replaced in Honda at 6500 miles. The suspension also was leaking and the seals were replaced. I do not know why I have doubts? Am I overthinking/reacting or is this normal in the motorcycle world? I have just never came across that Honda has released such a limited edition? 

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  • 3 weeks ago

    The clutch should just about out last the bike. 

    The suspension while it will need attention one day.  That day should be a long way away.   

    If he has had to replace the seals that says one of two things.   Maybe a little bit of dirt got in and damage a seal.  Or there is a rust spot on the folks and it damaged the seal and if that is so,  if he did not also do the folks the problem is on its way back. 

    Honda made a lot of these bikes,  I would not be bothered with one that is already showing signs of trouble.    There are many better examples of this around.

    As for limited edition.  That is just two words to make you pay more.   Even if there was something special about the engine,  for road use none of us would notice it.

  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

    "I do not know why I have doubts?"


    "The suspension also was leaking and the seals were replaced" in 7000 miles (in 9 years!).

    It is not the "limited edition" status that should be concerning you.

  • adam
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    4 weeks ago

    you asked about this already 

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