Why can’t people accept the fact that a European great-great-great-grandfather is a more genetically closer relative than a African father?


@Magui, actually a European great-great-great grandfather is a biological biological closer relative than a African father. That’s a concrete fact. 

Update 2:

@Observer, 0.00001% from a 100xgreat grandfather is more genetically closer and more inherited dna than 50-100% from a father which is genetically 0%.

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    First time I have ever heard that a relationship that is 3 generations past is closer than a parental relationship.  Technically you would receive about 6% of your genetic material from a 3rd great grandparent, while you would receive 50% from a parent.

    Source(s): Genealogical researcher 50+ years and several degrees in Anthropology
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    Because he's not.

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    Most mammals have light skin that is covered by fur, and biologists believe that EARLY HUMAN ANCESTORS started out this way also. Dark skin probably evolved after humans lost their body fur, because the naked skin was vulnerable to the strong UV radiation. We all came from pale skinned Africans. Lucy had pale skin under her body hair. So did H.Erectus, Denisovans and Neanderthals. We all came from pale skinned Africans.


    Oswald Hope Robertson was white (English) and invented the blood bank which has saved literally over a billion human lives. Penicillin (which has saved from 80 million to 200 million human lives was discovered by white Scottish man Alexander Fleming.


    Mongols killed 40 million people. Mao Zedong killed 70 million 

    Josef Stalin (an ethnic Georgian i.e. non-white) killed 40 million. 

    Half of the Native American genocide was committed by Southern Europeans.An Lushan Rebellion 36 million. 

    Taiping Rebellion 20-30 million. 

    Black plague (originated from east Asia) killed 25 million. 

    Yellow Turban Rebellion 7 million

    China causes the most pollution in the world. 

    The United Arab Emirates causes the most pollution per capita. 

    Chinese people invented the first gun (not just gunpowder and fireworks).

    A Jewish male invented the nuke. 


     Fried chicken is Scottish. Waffles are Belgian. Peanut butter was invented by the Incas. Potato chips were invented by a white Englishman named William Kitchiner. BBQ is taíno food. BBQ sauce was invented by English, French and German Americans. Gumbo is cajun. Cornbread is Native American. Chicken fried chicken is Austrian. Pancakes are Greek.White people invented synthesizer, electric guitar, electric bass guitar,saxophone and computer (which is used to make hip hop beats/music). Blues has Celtic influences. Jazz has classical influences and uses pianos (Italian instrument) and saxophone (Belgian instrument). The German electronic band Kraftwerk influenced house,techno and hip hop. All "black genres" use instruments invented by non-blacks. The blues was first sung in the English language. Same with all the other popular "black genres". Even tap dancing originated from England. Scottish people invented flyting which is basically rap battle music that predates hip hop culture. Basketball and football were invented by white people (James Naismith and Walter Camp). Nike was created by a White American (Phil Knight). Adidas was created by an actual Nazi (Adolf Dassler). 


    Tacos didn't have ground beef, chicken, cheese, sour cream or soft tortillas until Europeans showed up. It was just fish in a hard taco shell. 


    White privilege doesn't exist. It's just an excuse for black failure. Particularly young black male failure. 


    All non-white civilizations including Egypt and Sumer were built on slavery and oppression. That's nothing to be proud of. People who praise these non-white civilizations are basically pro slavery and oppression.


    In the year 1900 the global European population was 200 million. Now it's 1 billion. 


    Average British IQ 100

    Average Austrian IQ 100

    Average Polish IQ 99

    Average Russian IQ 97

    Average Israeli IQ 95

    Average Indian (curry) IQ 82

    Average Nigerian IQ 84

    Average Equatorial Guinea IQ 59


    The first human in space was a White Slavic Russian with blue eyes named Yuri Gagarin.

    Russians put the first human, animal and satellite in space. ✊🏻


    Christopher Columbus was Italian, not white. Spaniards (also non-white) wiped out Native Americans. Germ theory didn't exist when whites came to America. Native Americans had no immigration laws. White Americans are settlers, not immigrants. 


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    because they know more about genetics than you.

    ANY two humans share 99.5 % of their DNA anyway. the difference enables us to tell eachother apart

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