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What to expect for my next interview with Genesee and Wyoming?

Had a great phone interview today that is now successfully complete. I was told my next interview will be via zoom call. What all should I expect for that one?

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    Go the extra distance and put on some pants.

    A ZOOM interview can be a challenge. You have to be ALERT and watch everyone

    not just the one that asked the last question,

    Do it in a private space. Hint keep the kids and pets out of the room. If you cannot control a simple interview from your home it shows something about your abilities to control the situation of MILLIONS of pounds of stuff worth Tens of Millions.

    Keep your answers brief and to the point.  THEY LIKE YOU. You have been asked for a second interview. SHOW YOU HAVE "IT".

    You showed "IT" in your application and your first interview. Expect a few unusual questions to test your abilities for something unexpected on the job.

    You are not expected to know everything that is what the training classes are for.

    It is okay to say I do not know to a question than broadcast your wrong stuff  BLUFF for all to see.

    Good Luck  If you can practise a few zoom type events with friends and family.

    It can be very uncomfortable using the technology do not get too keyed up as crap happens to all with lost connections audio fails etc. HOW YOU HANDLE IT is being watched.

    SECOND interview is a good place to be. They are dotting the I's and crossing their t's. Up to you to show your application and first interview was not a bunch of BS.

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    Unknown, especially since it is not understood why the question ended up in "Rail" of "Cars & Transportation".

    It is suggested for a Zoom interview, than you go the extra distance and put on some pants.

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