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Irritated Belly Button Piercing?

So, I've had a floating belly piercing for 4 years and about 3 months ago, I moved to CO where it is very dry. When I first moved here, I noticed my skin got very dry really fast (I come from a humid climate) and this affected my piercings too. I still clean my piercings twice a day and take care of them. I noticed my navel piercing and nipple piercing were not doing so well with the dryness. My navel piercing started to get a faint purple color around the top ball and was dry too. Ever since, it's been slowly progressing to more dryness and some crusties and now it's irritated and sore. I have never ever had any problems with this piercing until I moved to CO. I'm wondering why the dryness is causing so much irritation and this purple color. There are no signs of infection or rejection and I am seeing my piercer on Sunday. I'm just wondering also what I can do in the meantime to soothe the irritation without it getting more dry.


@Laura When I clean my piercings, I do not use any salt. After I shower, when all of the crusties have become soft, I carefully wipe them away with a Q-Tip and try not to move the piercing around when doing so. I will try running my humidifier all the time.

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    You don't need to clean a healed piercing.  This is causing the irritation you are seeing.  Cleaning leaves salt on the skin, which is promoting even more dryness, which is causing this irritation.  Stop.  

    I recommend getting a humidifier and running it all day long.  This will help the dry air in your home be less dry.  

    I would also stop cleaning these piercings.  All you are doing is putting salt on the skin and leaving it behind.  This is irritating your piercings, nothing more.  If you bathe daily, clean them under running water in the shower, that is all your healed piercings need.  Anything else will cause irritation because the skin doesn't need that.  

    I would also look into emu oil.  I use this on my piercings when they get dry in the winter and it really helps.  Its not the easiest to find, but my favorite body jewelry online shop sells it and it came in the mail just fine and perfectly sealed up, safe and ready to use.  I just use a drop per piercing and massage it into the skin around the jewelry every day in the winter.  ( is the webstie, they also have great jewelry selection and can autoclave something for you so you get a perfectly sterile piece of jewelry).  

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