Is anyone else still waiting to get their ballot?

Mine had to be resent and it is already taking longer than it should to reach me.  

So, just wondering if others have had any trouble.

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    1 month ago
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    This election doesn't have the indication that it'll be a fair election when the DNC, the US National (D) News Media corporations, Big Tech (foreign/domestic), & foreign regimes have been doing all they can to interfere on Biden's behalf since the DNC & Hilary Clinton colluded with Foreign British, Ukraine & Russian agents/spies to fabricate a phony Russian Dossier through Fusion GPS, James Comey & his co-conspirators. Obviously there will be double, if not triple verification, legal contention, & fraud investigation. The DNC has been doing all they can to undermine the ballot process using COVID-19 as a valid excuse for unsolicited mail-in voting & ballot harvesting when ballot harvesting (granny farms) are illegal in 49 states. signed & filled out by campaign operatives or paid 3rd party operatives dumping votes in the last minute.

    In ballot harvesting after tricking, swindling, or paying voters to hand over their ballots, if not stolen, unscrupulous campaigns or paid 3rd party will fill out & sign the ballots for the candidate for their. They may simply dump or burn the ballots, if filled in an enclosed enveloped as the campaign or 3rd party have knowledge of the voter's party affiliation disclosed by the voter he/her self or by electronic espionage/surveillance.

    Cases of multiple ballots being sent to each resident individuals, ballots for the incumbent being thrown away, ballots being sent to pets & dead people, & of course illegal alliens & permanent residence receiving ballots in the mail cause apparently it is legal to register non-citizens to vote in conjunction with the US census to inflate the voter registar & house seat representation for more house seat. Ballot elections around the world requires voter Identification, specially in 3rd world countries, to ensure only citizens vote & limit, if not eradicate fraud. 3rd world countries has a habit of producing ready made counterfeit ballots that unscrupulous candidates or dictator's (Maduro) operatives sneak into ballot places & throw out the legitimate votes. Facial recognition with a Voter ID or imbeded chip in the body will be the future of voting to prevent ballot fraud in Democracies around the world that US (D)s will oppose as it will limit their chances of winning.

    The US National News Media is exposing themselves as very corrupt & possibly worst than communist & 3rd world totalitarian regimes as the US (DNC) News Media show the world the freedom of the press isn't about honest objectivity. The (DNC) News Media report on rumors, fabricated dossier (DNC/Hilary collaborating with foreign British & Russian Agents through Fusion GPS) & anonymous sources against (R) even delve into it further, but not on real documents, texts conversations in Personal Laptops & Phones from hunter & business partner (Nuclear Submarine Commander; not an anonymous source) blowing the whistle on the Bidens.

    The News Media covering for Biden are actually conveying they are fine with Joe Biden using the Administrative Branch to enrich himself & his family through a scheme reminiscent of a racketeering ring demanding foreign companies/corporation like Big oil of Anatolia, Middle East (Arab/Hebrew), Central Asia (Persian/Turkic), & Russia 10% commission for himself through his son & brother as Joe Biden signals these foreign corporations & countries that he will be transitioning from US energy independence to foreign energy dependence.

    The cell phones text conversations & contacts are legit. Hunter Biden's 'My Chairman' is his Father. 'BD family' getting loans is the Biden Family. You can tell how professional the Biden's are with their corrupt quid pro quo scheme having created code words to mask their schemes. James Comey & Peter Strokz must've helped the Bidens create those code words.

    If Biden gets elected & don't get impeached to supplant Harris into the presidency, it will be used as Black Mail by all entities with full knowledge of Biden's corruption despite helping bury the story before the election (Foreign Countries, Corporation, K. Harris, B. Sanders, the Squad, Media Moguls & Conglomerates...).

    (Future president shouldn't have a salary or at least just equal to minimum wage, if not 1/2 more than minimum. Commander in Chiefs have free Presidential Palace, free sustenance, free 1st class medical care, free security, free travel, free motorcade...)

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