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What did I do wrong?

I'm a 20 year old female and I've recently had some bi-sexual fantasies which define me as a bi-curious. Anyways, last night one of my best friends texted me on Instagram to tell me that she's not unsure if she's happy in her feminine body, but she doesn't have this feeling all the time. I told her that it's natural, but she kept insisting on the matter that it's not natural at all. Suddenly another friend called and complained about her boyfriend. I wanted to tell her to keep her complaints for a better time, but I was too shy to do that. She kept talking for an hour. Then I came back to my friend on Instagram and apologised her for my delay. She suddenly said like:"Don't text me again!", I was startled and asked her why she was behaving like this. I also added:"I didn't do anything. I swear! I just didn't have the time to reply to your messages.". She suddenly said like:"I don't want anyone to text me! Leave me alone! All of you! I don't want anything! I just want to die!"

I was so scared she might hurt herself that I told her, "Don't worry. I know how you feel. To be honest, I like men and women almost equally. I just didn't tell you about it, because I felt too shy to do so. Everybody has a secret and an issue."

She said:"For God's sake don't text me! Can't you do that??? F*ck me for telling you how I feel! F*ck me if I ever again tell anyone how I feel! I just want to die! I don't want to tell anyone anything! I just want to kill myself! Leave me alone!"


In the end, I said:"You better f*ck me."

She hasn't seen this message since last night.

Update 2:

she's unsure*

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