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Cartier Tank or Longines Dolce Vita?

A few years ago I fancied a Longines Dolce Vita XL watch and bought it because I found it classy. As a coincidence I learned  recently that it looks like a Cartier Tank. Are Longines watches worth it although much cheaper than Cartier or shall I start saving money for a Cartier Tank?

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  • Even those who don't know the name know the Cartier tank.It is one of the most famous, iconic and imitative watches of all time.But do you know its origin, its purpose and its significance in the history of clocks?In many ways, the story of this deceptively simple dress watch is the story of the watch itself.

    Today's Cartier tanks have mixed status.The elegance of its provenance or design is unquestionable, but in an increasingly casual culture, it can seem feminine, even sultry and formal, to a modern eye.At worst, familiarity can be considered boring.The history of the tank shows that its design is rooted in masculinity, risk-taking and innovation.

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