Is it worth getting a Masters + Bachelor in Human Resource Management or just a Bachelor Degree to become a Human Resource Manager?

I live in Adelaide and want to become a Human Resource Manager. A Bachelor + a Masters is 4 years and just the Bachelor degree is 3 years. I plan on studying at Uni SA which is known for its business degrees and facilities from my understanding. If you have any thoughts please let me know it helps a lot.

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  • 3 months ago
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    I can’t speak for Australia, but I would assume it is not too dissimilar to the United States. Here, having a graduate degree will generally make you more competitive for most HR jobs in the private sector, but you also run the risk of being seen as overeducated.

    You will get better and higher paying jobs but you will have a harder time getting the more abundant low paying jobs.  I suggest starting with the baccalaureate degree, landing a job, and using the Master’s to work your way up. 

  • 3 months ago

    With the glut of business degrees on most markets around the world, a lot depends on the job market in your particular area. A bachelor's degree might get you an entry-level job in HR, but will not likely help you eventually work your way up into management, and especially not executive levels in HR.

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