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Can you get eye damage from sleeping on back with flat pillow?

I have been trying to figure out why my vision in one eye seems to be getting worse. I thought maybe sleeping on my back with my flat pillow is causing it. I didn't really sleep last night cause I was worrying about it. I have read some things online but not sure what to believe. 

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    It won't make any difference sleeping on a pillow. They only advise extreme postural changes while sleeping if you are recovering from certain types of eye surgery. Probably you have been making too much use of your smartphone and have strained your eyes. Most of us have one eye that is more dominant than the other anyway.  So make less use of the tiny phone screen and look away from it and focus on more distant things ever few minutes. It may be that you now need prescription lenses to overcome that eyestrain, so make an appointment with an optician soon.

  • If someone pokes you in the eye whilst sleeping.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Ofc No. How would sleeping on back could harm eyesight 

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