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Stream looks pixelated.?

I am streaming with a single PC setup that is a pretty decent build in terms of hardware, and my internet speed should be enough to stream at 720p 60fps and look decent but my stream literally looks like a bunch of pixelated mess that slowly comes into focus... and if I moved around in the game it just blurs and pixelates instantly. I am using SLOBS to stream and I have tried a ton of different settings... I've gone through 3 days of testing settings and put the bitrate from 1000 the whole way up 500kpbs at a time to 7000kbps. The stream still looks bad. I know a 6 core is not the best for single PC streaming but I would think it should look at least decent.

My PC Specs:

Ryzen 5 2600 @ 3.9Ghz

Powercolor Reddevil 5700 8GB

G.Skill Trident C16 3200 Mhz (running at 2993 because thats the max for my cpu) 32GB

MSI X470 GAMING PROKingston SATA SSD 240GB (OS)WD Blue 1TB HDD 7200RPMMasterAir MA410M CPU CoolerSeasonic Focus 650W Gold 80+ PSU120 Down and 10 up internet speeds~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~SLOBS Settings:Streaming to Facebookx264 encoderCBR6000kbps2 keyframe intervalVeryfast presetmain for profileDownscaled from 1080 to 720 (in video tab)Lanczos sharpened scaling 32 samplesCommon FPS values60 fpsHigh process priorityNV12, 709, PartialDynamically change bitrate when dropping frames while streaming. Now I figured it may have been the last setting ^^^ but I've tried it off and it still looks like garbage. Any help?

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