cardio vascular question, just curious?

what can cause a vain to show up on the forehead, when i tilt my head forward and to the right, it doesn't show up if i tilt my head to left or front or back only if i bend forward and to the right, i first noticed it after a workout. I do not see the blue vain itself just a long narrow bump under the skin going from between the nose and a left eye up to the forehead. As soon as i stand up upright it becomes flat again. Only pops up if i bend forward far enough and to the right. What could be causing it? Could sinus create pressure to make that happen? I just noticed it like a week ago.

1 Answer

  • 4 weeks ago

    Your blood pressure will be under elevated pressure during exercise esp when restricted due to sitting for eg with a weight lifting belt on if you feel concerned get your blood pressure checked out to make sure its within a healthy range blood vessels nearer the skin are maybe trying to cool the blood down hydrate more before during and after exercise 

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