How do I get the cartridge in the Nintendo entertainment system ?

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  • 4 weeks ago
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    This generally depends on the model of the NES you're using...

    * If you're using the original side-loading NES (The "Grey Box"), you insert the cartridge like inserting a VHS cassette into a VCR...  Lift the cartridge slot cover, insert game cart, press down until it locks into place (you'll here a little click).  Lowing the cover is generally recommended while playing.

    To remove, just do the inverse of loading (lift cover, press down on cart to release the loading mechanism, remove cart, lower cover).

    * If you're using the newer top-loading NES, you just insert the cartridge into the game slot directly.  No muss, No fuss, No brains required.

    * If you're using a Famicom (Japanese NES), it's just the same as the top-loading NES.  Just remove the slot cover first prior to inserting the game.

    For the 3rd party systems, it'll typically run as a top-loader.  The only known exception is the RetroUSB AVS, which utilizes a side-loading mechanism for NES cartridges... but omits the loading carriage for virtually top-loader instructions (just rotated 90 degrees).

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