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My jaw keeps on locking, help!!?

My teeth are really aligned properly, so I may have to get braces to fix that but lately my jaw has been locking where I can't put more than two to three fingers in my mouth. After 15 minutes of massaging and moving my mouth usually it gets unlocked but now if I yawn a bit too much to the right it happens again. Will I need surgery, or can something like braces fix it? I'm only 15 btw.

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    Jaw pain on chewing or clamping the jaw firmly closed, the jaw getting stuck in place, the jaw opening wide only with a painful spasm or click, ear pain on chewing or biting, or being unable to open your jaw to a normal width all can be symptoms of a common problem with the temporal mandibular joint, or TMJ. It’s not serious, just really bothersome.

    Vigorous and/or frequent chewing makes it flare up. So does grinding your teeth, which a lot of people do in their sleep.

    Dentists can treat it, but usually don’t have to, since it responds very well to several days’ rest and to mild heat, like a heating pad, when the muscle spasms painfully.

    Select foods that require little chewing any time TMJ bothers you. The earlier you start to rest your jaw, the less likely your TMJ is to get really bad. Opt for ground meat over steak, for instance, or better yet, fish that flakes easily. Choose cooked vegetables rather than salad or carrot sticks, soft bread over crusty French rolls, chocolate kisses over a Tootsie Roll or Skittles--and it'll probably settle down in five days or so.

    If the pain is really bad on opening it, or if it won't open fully, go for a day of extremely soft foods like pasta or milk shakes, or run your regular food through a blender or food processor, opening just wide enough to eat small bites.

    When the pain from TMJ is almost gone, start opening your jaw slowly several times a day, stopping at any pain. Usually you can get the muscles to let you open wide in a day or two.

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