Call of Duty: Modern warfare 2 deranked to level 1........ 4th day in a row (PS3)?

Just went onto modern warfare 2 after a long hiatus But my account has been reset to level 1 for the third day in a row for no reason (haven't used prestige mode)

My brothers account was also tested a few times, reaching level 6-7

But it's always back to level 1 when i checked my ps3 the day afterwards.

Activision has no support for this anymore. I have tried clearing the cache but that never helps.

1 Answer

  • Will
    Lv 7
    1 month ago

    The only explanation I can provide is that your account has been compromised by a modder who was equipped with mods to alter one's MW2 account. This happened to me in COD 4 MW. My account in MW2 is fine and hasn't been reset, so it isn't a server issue. Activision won't do **** about your problem, even if it were 10 years ago. However it does look like there are plenty of newcomers at levels below normal 20 and at the same time still people in prestige levels. If it were a server issue, it must not have hit everyone. And there are modders present.

    I hopped online to investigate before answering this.

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