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My cousin is ignoring me?

I’m starting to wonder if I should cut my cousin off. We both grew up like sisters, and we were only child’s during this time. 

Now we’re older and I’ve noticed for a while that she acts funny around me. When we’re with her friends or out in public she acts like we’re close but it’s so fake. Half the time when we’re alone she’s giving one word answers unless she wants something. My family said she acts a little grumpy often but she really is rude towards me. 

She asked to hangout recently and we did outside, we had fun and then she left.

The next day she had to come over and she came in my room with her head in her phone giving me one word answers. I told her to charge her clothes cause she was sitting on my bed with outside clothes. She left my room and apparently told my mom I didn’t want her in there... what?? Anyway a few days later I asked “want to hangout” she ignored.. then I decided to confront her with “what’s goin on? Ignoring me is not okay?” Ignored... I’m a people pleaser so I rarely confront people. I had been a people pleaser for a while and she was manipulative at times. She still had the nerve to call ME mean when I had been walking on egg shells around her for the last two years. Should I just cut her off? It’s upsetting.  I already tried checking on her personal life, I probably got a “fine”. She’s a 17 and I’m 19. 

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    I will never understand why are family so damn up into being in each others life like this? Screw family.

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