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Can you make it out with £4000 in South Korea??


If you moving and you had a job there as well.

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    If you had a job lined up that would likely hold you over until your first paycheck, but there are a couple of different factors to be considered... Firstly, if you had a job lined up already, chances are that you'd have your accommodation sorted as well, but if that weren't the case, you'd be in a pickle because you wouldn't be able to rent a place for £4,000. 

    Accommodation doesn't work the same here as it does elsewhere. Koreans use one of two systems for letting out rooms - the first, called "wolse" (월세), involves a deposit - it could be anywhere from ₩500,000 to upwards of ₩50,000,000, and a monthly rent payment. The second system, called "jeonse", (전세), involves a very hefty payment - the cheapest you might find would likely be somewhere around ₩10,000,000, but payments of ₩500,000,000 are not unheard of, after which the tenant lives rent free for the duration of the rental agreement. 

    Foreigners are not permitted to rent an accommodation without providing the appropriate visa paperwork - and unless your visa is issued before you arrive in country, you will have to wait until your paperwork is processed before you can begin to look for an accommodation. If your accommodation is being provided by your employer, then £4,000 is likely more than double what you'd need as Koreans are paid monthly, so you'd probably have about £1,000 a week to get you by until your first salary was deposited. 

    Everything hinges on whether or not you are legal to work right when you step off the plane. If you are, then you're laughing. But if you're not, it could be a rough time waiting for your documents to come through. 

    In most cases Korean employment visas can only be issued at a consulate in another country, but that depends on the specific visa type. 

    You ought to look into which visa you will be working under specifically and then make your plans from there. You might be able to stay in a "gosiwon" (고시원) while you arrange something more permanent. 

    With the current exchange rate £4,000 would roughly get you ₩5.8 million. That's considerably higher than the average monthly salary for a Korean. 

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    I see because I was thinking about Japan but It's way too expensive but South Korea is 35% less expensive than living in the UK plus another reason I might live in another country is something different I live in Dudley that is boring to be honest nothing to there most things are abandoned and finally the family will expand I do have a family member in Scotland but not aboard so them are the reasons.

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