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My problem is more than rare. How do I date? Please read?

So at 38 I was diagnosed with cancer. Before chemo I froze some embryos using donor sperm. I am now past cancer and doing well. However at 45 I want to date again and hopefully marry. I do plan on transferring those embryos though to have my baby. Is it possible to find a man who accepts my unique issue? Stick by me while I am having some donor's baby? Should I just go for divorced dads or even single men with no kids? Please I am not a troll. I am in a very unique situation and so tired of being alone. Cancer wasted the best years of my life. 

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  • T J
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    There are men out there that do understand things like this. Id have no problem with your situation. Its still part of you.

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    The type of man you're looking for is out there, but let's not fool ourselves into thinking it's going to be easy finding him/them. It's going to take work and perseverance and a positive attitude, but given what you've already been through I'll bet you you're more capable of dealing with difficulty than 99% of the rest of the population. You're a survivor, now get out there and find what you're looking for! I wish you the best!

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