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Can I request to be buried in a different location than the cemetery lot my parents purchased for me?

My parents pre-planned their funerals and purchased their cemetery lots.   When they did so, they purchased 3 lots, one for me.  They purchased the lots right by the road, so my parents will be buried in the first two and me beside them right by the road.  

After my parents are both gone, would I be able request to be buried in a different location?  They've made too many decisions for me without even discussing it with me and they don't even realize what they are doing.  Friends of the family have told my parents they need to sell the third lot and let me get my own lot, but they refuse.  

How can I be sure my wishes will be carried out?  My parents intend to have their noses up my business even after they are long gone.


People don't understand, I wish to purchase a different lot in a different location possibly even a different town.  I want to make sure I get buried in the spot I pick out.  I don't care about selling or trading their lot, they purchased it, it's their problem not mine.  I can see my extended family ignoring my wishes and hauling me back there and dropping me in the hole because it's available.

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    This is where your Last Will and Testament marks your final wishes. 

    A will is easy to draw. Just write down your wishes, and you may even state you acknowledge a burial plot your parents bought for you and choose other arrangements, which you can list.

    Then, with a notary present, sign and date the document and let someone you trust know where to locate your will once you die.


  • L
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    1 month ago

    I guess you can, however, your lot is ALREADY paid for.......why complain?

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    Once your parents are gone you can sell that plot (as one assumes possession of it will pass on to you after they die). No, your parents cannot force you from beyond to be buried next to them. 

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    If you are an adult, you create your own Last Will and Testament, in which you state your wishes. A copy of that will and any receipt for a burial plot you purchase should be kept in a safe place where the executor you name in the will has easy access to them. You can even pre-plan and pre-pay your funeral/burial expenses.

    Anything your parents put in their will, control over extends only to property they own. You are not property. Nothing they say or do will cause what you are afraid of.

    As for being afraid of your 'extended family' - make sure you have a clear and concise will and make sure the person you choose as executor of that will knows of your wishes, and you have no basis for your fears.

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    Presuming you're an adult, you purchase the lot you want and specify that in your Will. Make sure people, especially your Executor, know where your Will is.

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    Legally, you can buy burial plots in several states.

    You can also specify in your will were you wish to be buried.

    Practically, you won't be around to enforce your wishes.

    What you specify in your will is legally enforceable, but if all of your heirs agree to something else, who is going to enforce the terms?

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    I hope you don't die before age 21. Otherwise you're stuck. 

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    Your Will can detail where you want to be buried, no one is going to put you where you don't want to be, so buy a different plot.

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    cemetery plots are basically the same a property purchases.... you could no more request another plot than you could request to move into a 10th floor condo after purchasing a different one on the 2nd floor....

    if the plot is left to you as part of your parents' will, then you could sell it and purchase another one anywhere you like..

    EDIT:  Even if your parents prepaid for all your funeral services, I do not believe you are legally obligated to be buried there although different states may allow different contractual obligations to be enforced.

    I suggest contacting a family law attorney and a) confirm that you are not legally obligated to be buried there and b) write up a will that prevents anyone from moving your remains.

  • 1 month ago

    Once they pass, you should be able to aquire the deed to the plot..  You could sell it or give it away.

    You're free to buy a plot elsewhere tho

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