Why is my mother never happy for me?

Everytime I tell my mom something that makes me happy she is not happy for me. I told her about a guy I'm talking to and will meet this weekend and showed her a bit of our conversation where he was nice to me. 

She said he's trash and never talk to me about this kind of subject again. I said why are you so mean and she said im not mean but i will not deal with your trash guys. 

The guy works and has so far been nice and kind to me but she doesnt care. I told her it is my life in a calm way and if Im happy and dont hurt anyone else then why cant she be happy for me. She threstened me and  said that you can move out then and dont speak to me again.I got very mad and sad because I dont understand why she always makes me sad and lets me down when I'm happy? She wants me to tell her everything and not hide any secrets but when I do she gives me guilt and is not happy for me. Im 20 years old and can't move out now im still in college. I cant get a good job because of this pandemic so this is not an option for me right now.Please help how should I handle situation when she treats me like this? And WHY is she doing this? I get so hurt and sad I'm sensitive as a person and want my parents approval otherwise I get guilt feelings 

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  • T J
    Lv 6
    4 weeks ago

    Best to try not to tell here anything about any BF, or any other thing that sets nutty mom off, when you are done with college, have a good job, get her out of your life 100%

  • 4 weeks ago

    Your Mom doesn't want to be on your 20 year old roller coaster of what ifs and maybes and he seems nice even though we've never met. That's your ride, not hers. That's not the same thing as not being happy that you're happy. She doesn't appreciate having to act like your 20 year old girlfriends doing your thing. Let her know when you've been dating the man you really like for 7 months and would like to have him over to dinner. THAT she could get her mind around. Some guy you haven't met who is one of the other guys you flirted with on social media that you didn't meet but this one you likely will isn't something Mom's get excited about for their adult daughters. So don't drag her through  all this stuff. She loves you, she supports you... she's not your girlfriend. 

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