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Do people who oppose the electoral college in The Constitution not actually understand it, thinking it is akin to a real university?

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    most I know that oppose it don't understand it...but they don't confuse it with an actual "college"...

    they most often fall for the "exploit the arrogance of the large against the rights of the small" tactic and cry "why should a vote in Wyoming count 50 times more than a vote in California?"

    this, of course, is not only total nonsense as California has over 18 times the Electoral Votes of Wyoming....but is also the SAME tactic used in the past (by Democrats, by the way) to oppose Civil Rights legislation...

    they pointed out how the Civil Rights Act would overturn existing laws passed by majority popular votes and cry "if 90% of voters want one thing and only 10% want the other...shouldn't the popular vote win?  why should a black man's vote count 10 times more than a white man's vote?"

    most sensible people would say it's a matter of rights guaranteed by our Constitution rather than something subject to raw vote count... and they'd be right....

    .....and the Constitution, being the foundation of a Republic of States, grants the same protections to minority states as it does to minority races, genders and other established groups...

  • John
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    No. Those who oppose the electoral college today understand that the original concerns leading to its creation turned out to be unfounded.  2 presidents elected by a minority of the electorate have taken office within the past 20 years. Combined with sparsely populated states having the same number of senators as large states, the basic nature of US democracy has been changed.  We have gone from "majority rules, as long as the rights of the minority are not infringed," to "minority rules."

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    Im against the eletoral college...but Im no in the constitution.  I just dont want to vote for someone who will look at my vote and go no..ill vote for the other guy

  • ennui
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    No, we don't think it's a university, just like we don't think the College of Pontiffs in Ancient Rome was a college for priests/popes. It's the cons who are uneducated, and they have every reason to love the electoral college.

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