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I have been wanting to quit dipping tobacco for a while but I'm scared. Is nicotine gum any different?

The first warning on nicotine gum mentions "EPILEPSY". I have had seizure since I was 4 months old till 16 in 2011. I haven't had one since but I will get that "feeling" of one every now and again. I have been dipping since 11 in 2006 but I keep thinking I been doing it so long maybe it is actually helping with my epilepsy and my brain is satisfied while my teeth, gums and blood pressure aren't but the gum nicotine could trigger one and bring them back. 


I've tried to quit cold turkey or with regular gum, jerky, sunflower seeds etc etc but I just can't so I want to try nicotine gum but again I'm scared. 

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    Never heard of that in the U.K.  it's very popular here.

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